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We offer to the industry a comprehensive service.

We can supply you with first class, state-of-the-art equipment & stock:

BRAND NEW MODERN TANKS FILTRATION SYSTEMS GARRA RUFA FISH everything you need to provide this hygienic, effective alternate pedicure treatment to your discerning client base, offering safe, clean, healthy & sexy feet - this wonderful therapy has got everyone talking!

Prices and Profits

The double fish pedicure foot spa tanks cost £2500 + VAT. This includes the fish and full installation and training ( 1 double tank)

The potential earnings with one double tank would be £480 per day (based on an 8 hour day at £60 per hour)

Finance on tanks is also available


garra rufu fish spasIs there any shared water in the Garra Rufa Foot Spa?

No although the tanks are divided into two independant foot spas, the dividers are 10mm toughened glass. No water is shared with the person sitting next to you. Each Garra Rufa spa has its own filtration system.

Is the filtration ready to use and adequate for the amount of fish in the Garra Rufa foot spa?

Yes we have taken advice from many sources to ensure the filtration is powerful enough to contend with the waste for the 200+ Garra Rufa fish in each foot spa

Do the fish only have a diet of dead skin?

fish pedicure tank litNo the fish need a supplementary food to ensure they are healthy

Is it unkind to have them feeding constantly?

Yes, we recommend to have a resting tank to be in place in your salon. This enables a rotational use of the fish, giving them time to rest from feeding. You will need an external filter and a heater for this tank

Is there any equipement in the treatment tanks?

No. All filtration and heating equipment is placed and running within the seating. There will be an air supply within the tank but the air pump is within the seating so there is no fear of direct contact with any equipment, only fish and water in the treatment tank and your customers feet of course

Do I have to complete water changes in the treatment tanks?

Yes at the end of each day a 10% water change should be carried out. The Garra Rufa fish are freshwater fish.

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