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VibraNano Tan and Tone - Seamless tan and in top form!

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VibraNano is based on a scientifically researched and patented technology, the so called side-alternating acceleration technology.

This is comparable to a "left right" rocking function. The result is a movement process that simulates walking, where the muscle reflexes of the right and left halves of the body are triggered in turns.

Training with vibraNano also simulates a natural form of movement where all the lower body muscles respond, including the stomach and back. On the other hand the head and upper body remain still and relaxed.

The principal of operation

Every muscle has a natural reflex which is triggered by a quick stretching of the muscles. Then the muscle automatically contracts.

VibraNano utilizes this effect through the fast, rhythmic seesawing movement the muscles are stretched, and the reflex ,the contraction of the muscles is artificially triggered. Depending on the adjusted frequency this takes place 12-21 times per second (12-21 hertz), in this way both individual muscles and entire muscle groups are trained.

vibranano imageThe Advantages

Convincing Results

Muscle Training A well functioning and capable musculature is prerequisite for healthy bones, joints and coordinated movement.

Body shaping

toned waistFeeling comfortable in your own body – that's what many customers associate with external appearance. VibraNano training shapes the body

Feeling Healthy

A healthy body is more than a functioning machine! People simply feel better in a healthy body!

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