Our Sunbeds

We have the latest technology, whether you want to just tan or tan and boost your collagen. You get the tan you desire… Read more.

Our sunshowers

With our sun showers all you to do is just open the door to your new tan and enjoy, with the added vitamin D boost you need… Read more.

Spray Tan

With VersaSpa spray tan you get the perfect all over body tan and all with solutions to make your skin feel beautiful…Read more.

Spray tan

The VersaSpa(R) Pro Spray Tan System can give you the all over beautiful tan in one session. With the three nozzles to ensure an even tan. The booth provides a heated warm, comfortable environment for you to relax and get the all over tan you want.

All three tanning option solutions are marine algae infused to help rejuvenate your skin as well as detoxify and firm your skin. Helped with the new technology this eliminates the skin odour. With the VersaSpa you hydrate and extend the life of your new tan with the Perfector and moisturising options.

The VersaSpa is gluten, paraben and cruelty free and non-comedogenic… Read more.