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The sensation is at first ticklish, then feels like a gentle massage, as unique Garra Rufa fish gently nibble & suck dry & dead skin away.

Your feet are cleansed before treatment, and the spa water is continually sterilised using an effective filtration system.

The Garra Rufa fish have no teeth so they cannot bite you or transfer disease to humans.

The process is completely safe & hygienic

History of Spa Fish Therapy

The origin of spa fish pedicures lies in Kangal, a small town in Turkey where Garra Rufa fish live in natural hot springs Thanks to the warm winters and high mineral content, these fish had to turn to other sources of food and started nibbling the dry skin of people bathing in the pools.

Locals have long since sought out these little spa fish as a therapy for skin conditions, and since the 1960s health tourists have travelled to Kangal for the unique health benefits. Now all the rage in Asia and the US as a beauty treatment for hands and feet, this original and natural pedicure is set to make headlines in the UK lifestyle industry.

The Ultimate Pedicure

The pedicure begins with a quick cleansing treatment, then the client places their feet in the spa tank and relaxes. The fish immediately begin to do their magic by gently nibbling the skin until the feet are thoroughly exfoliated from heel to toe, revealing a smooth layer of healthy new skin. These are genuine Garra Rufa fish so don't worry, they have no teeth! The sensation is a light tingling as the fish stimulae nerve endings in the feet and after a few minutes of getting used to the sensation, it feels like a light massage.

The Experience is Soothing and Relaxing

At City Tan we can't begin to descirbe how amazing it feels. After the treatment the skin feels fresh and revitalised in a way traditional pedicure techniques cannot match . For best results, treatments usually last 30 minutes, and can be followed by a foot massage or toe varnish.

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